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- About The Brand & Herbalist-

The Herbalist


Welcome to Mountain Mamas Holistic Wellness, let me introduce myself. 


I’m Jessi, the Mountain Mama! I’m a wife, homeschooling mama of 5, birth doula and herbalist. 


I am trained in holistic herbalism with a focus on Appalachian Folk Medicine and I’m rooted in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Everything I make, I make with love and all wild crafted or organic ingredients. I have a passion for what I do and you can feel confident in my products because love, knowledge and good intentions are always put into every jar, bottle, and bag that I make. 

Growing up and planting my forever roots in Appalachia taught me that plants can feed you and heal you if you take the time to listen and learn about them. The folk remedies of the South were born into this world out of necessity and will forever be a way of life and survival. I am still growing and learning everyday and have a deep understanding that the vast knowledge in this area is full of endless new possibilities. I’m honored to continue this tradition and share my love and my creations with my community. 

-Jessi Hamilton 
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