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This wonderful natural oil is the perfect safe & gentle but powerful remedy for earaches, infections, swimmers ear, discomfort caused by wax buildup and more! Can even be used on dogs and cats to help with infection or ear mites. With this potent little oil you will only need about 2-3 drops massaged into the ear every 1-2 hours or as needed. This oil is BEST used when warm, you can take the bottle and dip it in a mug with warm water for a few minutes then apply a drop to your wrist to make sure it’s a comfortable temperature or put close to your body for a few minutes to let the oil reach body temp!

Both garlic and mullein are antiviral and antibacterial, so they can destroy both viruses and bacteria. Many ear issues come from viral infections, and so this oil is highly effective at treating ear infections. I’ve added Arnica to help relieve the pain fast and keep it at ease. This oil is great for all ages and like I mentioned before, even your fur family as well!

Do not use if you suspect a ruptured ear drum!

Garlic Mullein Ear Oil



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